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Choosing A Care Home​​​​​​​


We understand this is a major transition in anyone’s life, and this decision should not be made lightly, Choosing the right care home for you or for a loved one can seem like a stressful and daunting task, but we are here to make it easier for you. We make is easy for you by providing you with advice & guidance in Lincolnshire. There are several key aspects that need to be taken into account, and each one is important in ensuring you and your loved one have peace of mind.

Specific Needs

Identifying any specialised needs you or your loved one may have, and which homes will be able to cater to these needs, will play an important role in choosing the right care home. Whether you need highly specialised dementia care, or simply some assistance with daily activities, one of our homes will offer the perfect care solution for your family.

Quality Standards

Looking at a third party and Care Quality Commission (CQC) reports of inspections conducted on homes you may be interested in can be a major help in choosing the right home, as they will provide a comprehensive insight into the standards of the home. All our CQC reports are downloadable from each of our homes’ websites.


Arranging visits to homes you are interested in will also provide a better insight into life within the home. Meeting any staff and managers, speaking to current residents, and asking questions will allow you to determine whether you or your loved one will feel comfortable in a home’s unique atmosphere. Our quality care homes are open for visits, and our friendly staff are always on hand to answer any queries you may have.

Paying for Care

Being aware of the various funding options available to you is an important factor when choosing a care home, and can make a major difference in the eventual outcome of your decision. All the registered care homes within our group, including Eastwood Lodge, cater to those able to pay for their own care, as well as those eligible for Governmental funding assistance, and provide the same level of expert care to all our residents.

Governmental Support

While the Government and Councils have limited funding and cannot provide free care to everyone, you or your loved one may be eligible for some or all care costs to be covered, depending on the particular situation. If your needs have been determined to be moderate to high by your local Council, and if certain financial conditions are met, such as if your capital is below £23,250, you may be eligible for financial support from the Government.

Private Funding

If you do not qualify for Governmental support, either by having your needs assessed by your local Council as low to moderate or by having a capital of greater than £23,250, you may be required to fund your own care. Visit for more information.

In Our Care Home

This fine house was carefully redesigned internally to provide high-quality accommodation. Located in the tranquil village of Woodhall Spa, Eastwood Lodge is surrounded by striking lawns, orchards, and beautiful gardens, all contributing to a relaxing, tranquil setting for our residents.


What the Home Offers

The home can accommodate up to 19 residents in single, personalised rooms. The home is flexible and friendly, and residents are encouraged to be involved in all aspects of life within the home.

The outstanding activity programme includes art and jewellery making classes, and many outings into the village and local countryside.

Physiotherapy services are available on a bi-weekly basis.

Please call at any time to view the home.

Contact Us

: Stanhope Avenue, Woodhall Spa, Linconshire, LN10 6SP
: 01526 352188

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What's nearby

There are several restaurants, bookstores and other local shops near Eastwood Lodge that residents can visit on day trips. The nearest bus station is Woodhall Spa, which is a five-minute walk from the residence.
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